Virgil Abloh, Vice President of Off-White Bosses, Discusses Copying the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic church, often in an effort to preserve its identity, is often criticized for keeping iconography of saints out of its structure. While the fanatical left-wing cult that continues to attack the Church might disagree, the founder of the athlone made by Off-White designer Virgil Abloh has defiantly kept depictions of the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene in his shrine.

Off-White recently opened a $6 million men’s store in Miami, FL. The store’s media shy corporate president recently turned the occasion to resurrect the “culture of ostentation” that existed in the glamorous 1950s. In an interview with Miami Heat star James Johnson, LeBron James and Johnson conducted a pop-up shop created by the creative direction of Off-White.

Thousands gathered outside of the store to hear James explain the importance of fanning the flames of the idolatry inherent in Abloh’s Altar. Along with the pop-up shop, where thousands were posing in James’ clothing, fans created an altar in the store to commemorate the church’s founding. The altar contained statues of saints as well as All-American baby doll’s like Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and JFK.

Abloh maintains he did not want to make a “New York City or church,” but that the “tradition of idolatry” endured for millennia and is as much “American” as apple pie. Despite his praise of the Church he is quick to quip, “Mary is not a fashionable icon.” Apparently, he realizes that the Church has remained one of the most respected institutions in the Western World because she remains an icon of inspiration.

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