Report: Pentagon is expanding its secretive probe into UFO sightings

The Pentagon is reportedly planning to keep expanding the secretive probe into UFO sightings, in the wake of a Senate investigation that estimated that over 100,000 sightings had occurred since 1955. According to Buzzfeed, the investigation will replace the University of Colorado-Boulder-based Project Blue Book, which operated from 1952 until 2012 and studied UFO cases ranging from eyewitness accounts to sound and visual evidence. Sources tell Buzzfeed that the Pentagon plans to spread the U.S. Armed Forces presence of military specialists to at least six sites where the investigation will focus.

The new group is slated to be on the ground in the first part of next year, although neither the names of any sites nor the new team that will conduct the investigation have been revealed. In 2017, the Pentagon set up a committee to look into drone sightings, then issued a memo in early 2018 that established “an all-new UFO research effort.”

Buzzfeed says that it first learned of the new effort on Christmas Eve from an unnamed Air Force source who predicted that the investigation would go into full swing in the “first part of next year.” (Buzzfeed was unable to independently confirm that information from the same source.) The Defense Department has not yet commented on the report.

The project is reported to have already collected “hundreds of thousands of pages of UFO incidents,” though it has not identified them all. A source told Buzzfeed that the Pentagon hoped to eventually transform Project Blue Book into an independent organization, like the National Weather Service, to catalog the thousands of new evidence coming in.

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.


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