What happened between two congresswomen over guns

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper Sunday morning, Indiana Rep. Susan Brooks accused Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar of being unprofessional for suggesting that Brooks, an attorney, had contributed to the Islamic terror group Hamas.

Brooks pushed back and offered her side of the story. She said that she is a strong supporter of Israel and drew the connection between Hamas and Islamic State, a group to which Omar has made controversial comments. Brooks asked Tapper, “Why doesn’t she take the focus off of that and then talk about the things that are going on in Washington?”

Coincidentally, the two congresswomen appeared on opposite sides of a domestic terrorism debate. Brooks defended legislation barring individuals on the no-fly list from purchasing firearms. Omar, by contrast, said she would have voted in favor of the bill and condemned the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, as proposed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Later in the program, after learning that Omar had hung up on Brooks, the panelist said, “I was disappointed” because that discussion wasn’t allowed. Omar’s office did not return The Washington Post’s requests for comment.

Brooks later released the following statement, focusing on Omar’s comments instead of the dispute between the two congresswomen.

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