Toronto mayor the toughest campaign in memory

Mayor John Tory’s looming second term

Mayor John Tory’s second term looks to be rocky. The Post’s Ian Duncan is already calling it “the toughest campaign in memory.” And a bitter controversy over whether the mayor has offered legal cover to former staff members threatens to overshadow the mayor’s remaining accomplishments. To add to his troubles, a deadline is looming for the Toronto Transit Commission’s Board to say whether it will renew former chief general manager Andy Byford’s contract. More worrisome, long-time Tory loyalists are criticizing his leadership style, and Toronto Transit Commission chair Josh Colle has said that “in the absence of any progress, it’s pretty clear Andy’s contract needs to be renewed.” The TTC board is scheduled to meet on March 4 to decide Byford’s fate, but it could be months before a decision is made.

Tory on late-night TV

Tory showed up on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and brought back some old faves from his tenure. During an interview with Fallon, the two talked about dealing with the lead-tainted water crisis of 2014, and the mayor mentioned by name Kevin O’Leary’s claim that he’d heard that the mayor would sell-off Toronto’s “white elephants” if re-elected.

Tory in the 7 a.m. newsroom

The mayor also sat down with CBC News on Saturday morning for a deep dive into his last two years as mayor. While the interview was the first chance for people to ask the mayor about the sewer closure controversy, there are a few important points to note.

First off, it’s important to note that this is not an opinion piece, but a journalism piece. For this to be published as news, the mayor’s comments were confirmed by the host, and after the interview he shared his thoughts with CBC.

Second, it’s interesting to note that despite his being besieged by sewer fallout, mayor Tory has maintained a high profile throughout the controversy. He makes headlines because he will not be coy and won’t shirk questions.

Finally, it’s also interesting to look at who the mayor’s critics are. Despite criticizing Tory for his management style, former critics never gave a clear answer about whether they would vote for John Tory in 2019.

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