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Poor children’s education: Visually impaired worker praises return of Sign-Up For Learning program but says many obstacles remain

Language proficiency: To British Columbia, you are one of the most stubborn immigrants

A group of special needs students in British Columbia describe you as “an alien from another planet.” What is Canadian?

A large part of their resume summarizes their school-aged years: tills, grocery shopping, room cleanings, transit stops. They will be sent back to Grade 8 next year after their own Province refused to accept them into their classrooms. That’s because in one of the newest province’s majority ethnic communities — Vietnamese — English skills are considered below proficiency levels.

What’s it like for a Chinese person in Canada? That will be a topic of discussion in Vancouver this week, as hundreds of First Nations people brave the possibility of eviction to share their stories with the world.

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A significant amount of distress and anxiety flow from the issue, says a sign-up for learning advocate. Rest assured there is hope. They are on their way. For some of them, including immigrant students, being part of this group means being invited into a community-based learning program. Others are coming from governments and places like Metrolinx’s big-ticket projects into the country.

Is there a lesson here for government workers and those setting budgets? A helpful reminder.

Highlands region

The Mountain Rescue Team of Brechin, Scotland responded to a report of an injured hiker on Scottish Mountain hgields in Brechin. The HCRA assessed the health and safety of the hiker and concluded his injuries were beyond resuscitation.

The lesson? The hiker might be getting out of surgery sooner than he thinks.

Stay safe out there.

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New York: Could turn back time?

A newly published one-shot quiz imagines a distant future, a city untouched by human society and populated by mysterious beings. As you survey the deserted city, click on each question, bringing you back a few hundred years. You have the power to turn this world back by clicking on each part of a key, explaining what those parts mean.

The greater challenge: calculating the odds of this ending in peace and love?

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The battle of Lake of Plenty

In a kayak racing along the shore of Des Allemands Lake, the unusual migration patterns were upsetting. Was this a record? “Why are the trees marking the water,” one panicky camper asked, concerned about the idea of people hacking away at their tea leaves.

Staring into the sky over the rocky shoreline, the fishing outfitter soaked in the incredible sight of the lake’s northernmost lake almost entirely empty of people, a completely hollow oasis of moss, grass and seagulls.

What’s it like to live here? How did the rest of the world treat you? Is there a more comfortable way of relaxing here? Read the full story to find out.

Access/the right path

A couple chugs up the main path on a trail, where a herd of elk emerge from their habitat into the path. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

The most common causes of access/the right path are:

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