Tech gifts for everyone this Christmas

Sometimes giving tech for the holidays can feel like overwhelming excess. But whether you’re gifting a person who wants it for themselves or to pass down to their children, you can also inspire your loved ones to learn and do more by finding them a high-quality, life-changing digital learning tool. Whether you’re exploring the growing world of STEM or providing online “surprise” courses to inspire kids, the best tech gifts are the ones that push and encourage users to do more and learn more.

Bigg Boss: India vs Pakistan

Bang, bang! With celebrities teasing us and multiple reality TV shows going on at the same time, all we can think about is Bollywood and the drama of Bigg Boss. This year, host Salman Khan has inspired all with this 12th season’s exciting twists and turns. There’s more to come as Bigg Boss’s world of reality TV rules their world, plunging you into the world of 16 celebrities each vying for $1 million and the supremacy of their country.

As an added bonus, the game never stops because Bigg Boss is played around the clock with housemates competing 24 hours a day with only four hours off during the week. As India’s most-talked about TV show, it certainly has us glued to the TV this year and makes for an ideal gift for anyone interested in reality TV, India or both.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a great gift for anyone who’s intimidated by technology, loves music and wants to help them clean and study. Google Home Mini is an intelligent smart speaker that promises to bring people useful information about their homes and the world around them. For example, if you’re trying to order the cheapest hotel in Los Angeles but discover that it may be a little pricey, you can say: “OK Google, I’m in the mood for a cheap stay at a hotel,” and Google will provide you with the information you need about that particular hotel for the price of a quick update.

As a skill-based learning tool, Google Home Mini delivers an expansive library of content that can be accessed through a companion app, offering free educational content. You can study video recipes, learn more about recipes, gain a better understanding of spices, become familiar with wine, or simply get inspired to take on a different one. You’ll get five facts for every question you ask, 10 events a week to organize your life and more.

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