Quebec unveils $3.9bn plan to address health-care shortages

Canada has a national shortage of 54,700 health-care professionals – many of them doctors

Quebec’s minister of family and social security has outlined details of a $3.9-billion (C$4.66-billion) plan to address labour shortages in the province, stressing health professionals, nurses and doctors are particularly affected.

In a report on Friday, Jean-Marc Fournier said Quebec needs to continue hiring professionals to meet rising demands for short-term and long-term care, aged care, nursing, allied health professionals, social and community workers, etc.

The province’s universities and colleges will be required to further expand their post-secondary education and training programs.

Hiring strategies

The government will launch a two-year marketing campaign to attract health-care professionals, as well as promoting international students in programs that focus on health-care professions.

More temporary-citizen workers will be allowed in Canada’s eastern province as it seeks to maintain a backlog of several thousand people waiting for jobs that would pay $30,000 (C$35,000) a year or more.

The Quebec government also said it will accept and hire more students, students returning to school and other temporary professionals, including nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, pharmacists, psychologists, etc.

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