Monaco F1 Grand Prix to have shorter two-day races

The weekend races in Monaco will move to three days over a span of two days in the 2019 and 2022 Formula One seasons in a bid to get more fans to the race track.

During a panel discussion Tuesday at an internet event, F1 CEO Chase Carey announced that the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix was likely be scaled back to three days in an effort to entice a wider audience and bring in more fans to the track.

“It’s logical for us to trim it back a little bit to evolve,” Carey said. “Because people’s attention spans get shorter and shorter.”

Carey also believes the previous format has not produced fan interest in the race track for Monaco.

“You’ve got to bring people closer to the track, and doing it more days in a shorter period of time is going to bring us more people closer to the track,” Carey said. “People aren’t coming to Monaco this year because they’re only going to watch the race three or four days. They’d rather go to Monaco and see the race on the track in the afternoon.”

Carey thinks that cutting the race down to three days may also help the teams improve their product in the race.

“I would love to get these teams doing more work to differentiate their cars better than they do now, and then at the end of the weekend getting out and people comparing the cars and talking about the cars.”

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