Peru’s president offers support after earthquake that jolted South America

President Martin Vizcarra offered support for those affected by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that rattled southern Peru and its neighboring countries in the early hours of Monday morning. “This morning I spoke to the president of Argentina to talk about our common challenge,” Vizcarra tweeted. “We are on the same path, with the same responsibility, and we are ready to confront and build the necessary infrastructure. We are in a system of solidarity and cooperation that is part of our cultural heritage.” The quake occurred in the Nazca tectonic plate boundary and was felt in Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

7.5 mass quake off Peru’s southern coast. Waves felt across north and south America, strongest in Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina #Peru earthquake — Tomás Morales (@tomammorales3) February 4, 2019

Even though the effect of the earthquake in Peru has been modest compared to what has occurred elsewhere in South America, Vizcarra’s message remains an important message of goodwill for those areas affected. As many as six people have died, along with numerous injuries and some structural damage. Authorities in Peru have ordered large swaths of the interior to be evacuated. There is no information yet on the amount of people affected or casualties.

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