NYC Thanksgiving parade 2018: The best parts

Thousands of spectators gathered along the parade route on Thanksgiving Eve to watch the first full parade since last year’s flu outbreak. Under an overcast sky, as an estimated 1.1 million people lined the five-and-a-half mile route to see balloons in progress, as many as 65,000 participants rode special papier-mache snowstorms, chariots and floats. The balloons featuring characters like Kermit the Frog, Snoopy and Spider-Man have been carefully tested to ensure the airborne characters survive the 28-plus hours of weather and wind.

Of course, there was also family viewing for the thousands of people in attendance. From marching bands to collectibles with sweet names like Pillowy and Twinkle the Rainbow, about 80 acts from 15 cities took part in the parade. The event also coincides with the release of the new Pottermore digital books and mobile game from J.K. Rowling, as well as the world’s biggest toy fair.

After catching glimpses of the elaborate floats from floats such as ABC’s The Grinch, the entrance of the route through the narrow, snow-covered streets became exciting — and somewhat festive — again. Everyone, young and old, headed to the sky.

Donald Trump has been a hot topic at the parade this year. The President spent yesterday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, watching Army’s The Fighting Jackal beat Navy and chatting about divinity with Satan himself. But early reports from the parade indicate that the New York gubernatorial election was also an issue for those in attendance.

At the top of the parade route, NBC’s Brian Williams was met with a mix of applause and boos as he returned to NBC after two years. But, the audience seemed to appreciate the epic turkey being represented by a turkey high atop a 42-foot truck with the words #52DaysofCommunityColors and #ProudToDineTogether painted on its side.

Before the parade, NBC News reported on the issues that arose over the security, including debris flying into crowds, which were kept during the year from all that was once a celebration of the holiday. And, while the messages were all about traditional values, even conservative commentator Sean Hannity tried to wrap the parade around religion.

However, the crowd’s feelings were positive, and for many it may have been the highlight of a long year of work on the job. The Thanksgiving holiday is already stressful enough, but seeing its grandeur from the sidelines was a moment to cherish.

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