Golf resort named ‘Pig Island’ thanks to herds of Brazilian pigs

A Brazilian golf course has become a haven for a herd of hogs — and the swarms of pigs have taken up residence on the back nine. Visitors have dubbed the Unico de Piaui Golf Club “Pig Island” and the herbivores certainly act like they belong there: squealing, scampering and scurrying on the greens. Tourists even get up close with the big-lipped bovines on the driving range. There’s even a sign for them, referring to the furry creatures as “gucci pigs.”

Local police have issued a warning to visitors and warning also issued. “It will not be tolerated,” said one of the officers, who declined to give his name. “The pigs are ranchers’ property,” he said.

The animals apparently descended from so-called “cattle peccaries,” which are semi-aquatic pigs with a taste for bison. The animals started digging up vegetation on the golf course in 2015.

Most people are becoming less and less shocked by animals in a different shape and size apparently. The “Pig Island” problem has been ongoing for several years and has become a breeding ground for cancer and killer stings. However, a few things may help the cause: The pig owners reportedly need to clean up their animals more frequently and visit the course more frequently.

In addition, the non-governmental organization “Let’s Get Brazil Golf Beautiful” has started a fund to help with the cleaning up, since the pigs have begun dying off. The volunteers have already put in repairs. Volunteers say they have planted 60 trees, taken down five trees and started a three-day cleanup.

The city of Países Do Azul is currently implementing a permanent solution. They installed a fence and measures have been taken to prevent the animals from digging in. So far, it’s been working.

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