Travelers dream: New travel guide to Japan

Written by Staff Writer

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National Geographic’s joint partnership with CNN and NHK has made Japan a perennial favorite for well-traveled communicators.

Compiling recommendations from its global community of travelers, the network has created the annual trip guide “A Cityscape Of Japan”

Called the “Crucible of Travelers” and featuring more than 100 of the most Instagrammable sites, the publication is expected to be published on Thursday.

“Japan is a constantly changing place, with activities constantly developing and new and interesting places to discover, from the beaches of Hokkaido to the forgotten archaeological sites of Japan’s humid island forests,” National Geographic Japan Managing Director Yukio Ota told CNN.

Each of the chapters — which range from “The Art Deco City Of Kyoto” to “The World-Class Casino Of Ginza” — comprise an open-ended synopsis of spots from which readers can draw their own conclusions.

Notably, the publication also solicits reader contributions — in the form of travel photos — which will appear alongside each destination.

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