The Accessibility of Education Act: Experience, And When You Ask Why, Will Free Educational Resources for All

Location Data: Presently, only 50 schools are on the list. If you are unable to find a specific school on the list, search for a school to pinpoint its current location.

Fielding complaints: By submitting this form, you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Submit this form to avoid any negative consequences, such as default notification on the student’s registered education card.

Reform Act, College of Teachers Regulations and Ontario Complaints Bureau: A specific section in the Act provides that a school may refuse to release information, such as individual complaints, on the school’s request. However, in order to publicly know when a school receives complaints, provincewide, or in a specific geographic location, it must disclose the number of complaints received, the nature of those complaints, and how these complaints were resolved, on the data requests that I have made.

In my public consultation, I identified several significant challenges that face students, staff and families in schools across Ontario, and I requested school board reports on their practices with respect to COVID complaints. I asked the government to provide the statistics and accompanying explanations behind the numbers and to make the information available to parents and guardians.

To further improve this process, I am proposing a new Data Trust Portal ( to facilitate the posting of school statistics. As well, I am proposing a “Site Family Guide” to help schools with “Reducing and Reporting: Teachers’ Offences.” I will meet with teachers, principal’s officers, and regional-district and board representatives in the coming weeks and months to ensure stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input on this initiative and their experiences with COVID complaints.

This announcement is not a replacement for my previously announced consultation. As part of that process, there will be another round of public consultations, after which I will issue a public report and make recommendations to the government.

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