Taliban allegedly use trickery to locate former officers and find them to kill them

Taliban are notorious for torturing and killing former members of their security forces – sometimes leaving mutilated corpses – but now the Taliban are using trickery to locate their opponents to kill them, reports BBC

The Taliban is being accused of playing trickery to locate former security officers of the Afghan government in a bid to kill them.

Taliban commanders have also reportedly been forcing former officers to leave their homes to allow the Taliban to search for them, according to a story published by Radio Free Europe.

The BBC obtained a letter from a Taliban commander to a former member, detailing what he had been told was an intelligence report about them being found, interrogated and killed.

The letter states: “Means for locating them and their return are presented. A mujahedeen is brought to meet them and there are warnings given about the loss of their families and the loss of property.

“An emir of mujahideen arrives and abuses them, calls them traitors, collects their mobile phones, enters their houses and then kills them.”

The Taliban dismissed the allegations as baseless.

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