Dutch teenagers in Aruba accused of leaving island with illegal weapons


Two Dutch teenagers with an air rifle in their luggage have been arrested after inadvertently leaving a Dutch Caribbean island and fleeing authorities.

Two teenage siblings were arrested by Dutch police after they attempted to flee the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba.

A pregnant woman who had been left off the flight on which they flew was also detained.

Both the children and the woman were released to their parents after questioning.

Police said the case was an embarrassing occurrence for Aruba.

Aruba’s attorney general, Taco Stein, said at a news conference that the family had “violated our rules, which are unlike any other island”.

“They should not have come back, they should have left.”

The boys, aged 15 and 16, were in Aruba for a graduation ceremony from the UK-based Greencoat Academy.

Two of their siblings were originally left off a flight to Aruba – but were released after the airline blamed the loss of their name and booking information on human error.

The three spent Friday at the hospital in San Sebastian, Aruba.

The pregnant woman is expected to give birth on Saturday, after being treated for stress and dehydration, her father told the BBC.

Passengers on the flight that the three were supposed to be on were evacuated to other planes after the trio travelled to mainland Spain instead.

Aruba has strict controls on firearms, including requiring permit applications to be accompanied by a photograph of the applicant’s firearms, to ensure that they are legitimate and not stolen.

Dutch police said both the males were taken into custody by their own country’s immigration service.

They denied reports in Aruba media that police fired a warning shot on board to disperse a mob.

When the weapons were seized, they were allegedly used by the boys to hunt and shoot fish at sea.

Aruba is a British overseas territory with around 150,000 residents. The island takes its name from 17th century explorer, Henry Aruban.

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