10 podcasts to listen to this spring and summer

For most of the year, CNN.com offers you the definitive rundown of the most important national and international stories of the day.

But around the holidays, we also want to know more about the things that matter to you. Of course there are the usual behind-the-scenes and breaking news tips and reports. But we’ve also put together this list of 10 CNN podcasts that we’ve released in the past week to help get you caught up on some of the holiday stories that got a lot of your attention when you were off of the clock.

So here it is: 10 CNN podcasts to listen to.


20-10 in January

15-20 in February

20-20 in March

As we count down to the big b-day, let’s look back.

David Shortell and Gloria Borger tell the story of how President George H.W. Bush, about to turn 90, came to be the 43rd commander in chief.

As for being a half-century old, this car is testament to the rapid speed of modern society. It hits 100 in 2016 and was the last production prototype in the General Motors Museum.

Now how about we pause our phone countdown to look back at President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday celebration in 1863. As he entered his last months in office, he also experienced a series of obstacles and roadblocks to his presidency.

I’ll be the guy you’re talking to when the weather starts to get colder. Listen to Teri Parker as she discusses TV weather forecasting and how technology has changed our lives as viewers.

Before each big game, six Emmy-winning sports journalists select their top picks for the games, teams and stories that will captivate viewers throughout the season.

Best for anyone who is interested in science, technology, history, geography or the stars. It offers highlights from week.


A lot of festivals and winter sports festivals are in the news this month. And they will get you started on what to watch and listen to this winter. David Shortell’s features interviews local travel and sports enthusiasts.

Part 1 – WINTER


Meanwhile, everyone is desperate for winter ski tips. We offer those and more. Also, there’s more on the presidential elections and why a possible Clinton-Trump rematch, and a potential third-party contender could keep the candidates interesting.

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